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Kepma Guitar Company Introduces the AcoustiFex GO Pickup

Kepma Guitar Company Introduces the AcoustiFex GO Pickup

Acoustic players can add reverb, delay, and chorus to their guitar while playing acoustically.

Dongguan, China (April 19, 2019) -- Kepma Guitar Company, the leading high-end acoustic guitar brand in China is pleased to announce the USA release of the Kepma AcoustiFex GO Pickup, Preamp and Effects system for every acoustic guitar with a circular soundhole. The patented AcoustiFex GO system gives players the ability to play acoustically with adjustable reverb, delay and chorus effects, and when plugged into an amplifier, DI or mixing console, use the onboard pickup and microphone to project stunning yet transparent acoustic tone and effects.

The Kepma AcoustiFex GO gives players an additional boost of inspiration when sitting around their writing space coming up with ideas by providing stunning reverb, delay & chorus while unplugged. When it’s time to hit the stage and plug in, the Kepma AcoustiFex GO gives players the ability to project those ideas easily to a much larger audience — effects when unplugged; pickup, preamp and effects when plugged into an amp or FOH console. It’s truly the best of both worlds at an unbeatable value — only $199.99 US.

Patented Technology — Stunning Acoustic Sound & Effects

The Kepma AcoustiFex GO system uses a patented “Same Frequency Transmission” (SFT) technology that incorporates a small transducer unit mounted on the inside back of the guitar and “drives” the wood of the instrument to create stunning effects and sound. When plugged into an amplifier or mixing console, the Kepma AcoustiFex GO allows players to blend in the output from the magnetic soundhole pickup, the onboard condenser microphone and the effects preamp unit for that perfect mix of acoustic sound and effects control.

Players can also fine-tune the sound of the unit for their instrument by adjusting the onboard micro-potentiometers for Bass, Mid & Treble control, plus condenser Mic tone and SFT transducer intensity.

Plugged or Unplugged

What makes the Kepma AcoustiFex GO system so versatile is the fact that players can sit in their living rooms and mix in reverb with delay or chorus to get an amazingly inspiring studio-quality sound without being plugged into any amplification device. They can simply turn the AcoustiFex GO unit on, adjust the Reverb and Chorus/Delay controls to their desired sound and become inspired with every note and chord.

When plugged into an amplifier or mixing console, the Kepma AcoustiFex GO becomes an acoustic tone powerhouse for live performance. Players have full control over their tone with a master magnetic pickup volume control, plus a microphone level control that blends in more of the “air” of the guitar. In addition, Reverb, Chorus & Delay effect controls are at the players fingertips for adjustment during performance without interruption.

30+ hours of playing time on a single charge

The Kepma AcoustiFex GO preamp and effects system utilizes a new-generation lithium ion 18650 battery that can power the unit for up to 30 or more hours of continuous playing time on a single full charge. The AcoustiFex GO features a micro USB port on the front of the unit for easy-access charging and comes with a 2-meter charging cable.

Everything needed to install on any guitar

The patented Kepma AcoustiFex GO system can be temporarily or permanently installed on any acoustic guitar, and installation is extremely easy. To temporarily install the unit, players simply loosen the strings, install the transducer on the inside back of the guitar, mount the soundhole pickup and run the output cable to the strap peg outside of the guitar. The AcoustiFex GO comes with a leather output jack “holder” that mounts to the strap peg for live performance.

Installing the Kepma AcoustiFex GO permanently requires simply drilling a 12mm “output jack” hole in the end block of the instrument, then installing the output jack and cable retainers inside of the guitar and installing the soundhole pickup

Pricing and availability

The Kepma AcoustiFex GO system is available now in the US through select retailers for a retail price of only $199.99.

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