Levy's Leathers Introduces Distressed Leather Guitar Strap

Levy’s Leathers has introduced a new leather strap that offers a whole new kind of comfort.

Winnipeg, CA (February 22, 2013) -- Like your favorite pair of old jeans, Levy's new distressed leather guitar strap feels like it's been used for a hundred years and looks like it'll last a hundred more. Each strap is a 2-1/2" wide cut of distressed carving leather, finished with a burnished edge, and embossed with a tribal design. The result? A simple, stylish, and comfortable strap that’s designed to provide years of gigging service. The model M17DT10 strap is available in dark brown only. It’s adjustable from 41" to 54". It’s also available in extra long (XL), which adds 12" to overall length.

Pricing: $80

For more information:
Levy's Leathers

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