A vintage-flavored pickup powered by alnico 5 magnets.

Sweden (December 16, 2020) -- After many years of success with the P.A.F Heaven 57, M series and Black Heaven Lundgren now release Grey Monterey- singlecoil for strat.

The Swedish company founded in 1990 builds handmade premium quality pickups used by Guitar brands as SCHECTER, IBANEZ, Hagstrom, .strandberg* and artists Like Grammy winners Ghost, Meshuggah, Scott Gorham, Tosin Abasi and others. They have put more than three years of research and development in this new model. Owner and maker Johan Lundgren says Grey Monterey meticulously captures the 67-69 tone. Combining superior clarity, tight bottom and a wooden character in the mids.

However the future is still unwritten- feel free to break new ground with the experience of Grey Monterey.

  • Hand built in Sweden, Scandinavia.
  • Late ‘60s sound- tonally and visually time-true
  • AlNiCo 5 rod magnets with D and G raised at equal height.
  • Plain enamel coated wire will deliver exceptional string separation.
  • The vintage push back cloth wire is colored time typically correct- Yellow and Blue.
  • Each pickup is lacquered and dated with serial number on the GREY bottom.
  • Calibrated sets with NON-reverse middle pickup.
  • DC Resistance   Bridge 5,9k / Middle 5,8k / Neck 5,7k.
  • Cover, screws and rubber springs included.
  • Optonal- Add our Lundgren inductance base plate

Grey Monterey sets are $299. Also Available Each for $110. Can be bought from Axe palace, www.axepalace.com, Pitbull audio, www.pitbullaudio.com or directly from www.lundgrenpickups.com

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
Lundgren Pickups

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