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MannMade USA Releases Intonatable Stoptail Bridge

MannMade USA Releases Intonatable Stoptail Bridge

Designed to retrofit Gibson and Paul Reed Smith stoptail guitars.

Bedford, NH (October 9, 2015) -- MannMade USA has developed a unique Intonatable Stoptail Bridge with pre-slotted saddles designed to retrofit Gibson and Paul Reed Smith (PRS) stoptail guitars. The new bridge is now available for worldwide delivery.

The Stoptail Bridge itself is a work of art. It is precision CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum and is available in the following colors: Natural Aluminum, Gold Anodize, Black Anodize. Choice of Polished or Satin finish. The saddles, screws, studs and stud wells are all machined from solid brass billet and left unplated for better tonal transfer. These are also available in Nickel, Gold or Black plating.

MannMadeUSA sticks to its “no modifications necessary” policy with this new Stoptail Bridge. Just remove the original unit and install the new bridge. Set your string height and intonation, and you are ready to rock! According to John Mann, founder of MannMade USA and designer of the innovative bridge, “Many PRS guitars are equipped with non-adjustable stoptail bridges, and it seems like a lot of owners want to have an intonatable solution. Our bridge offers a number of benefits for these folks.”

With the new MannMade USA Intonatable Stoptail Bridge, there is no need for locking studs, because they are machined to exacting tolerances. As a result, they couple solidly with both the bridge and the guitar, which improves tone transfer. Plus, they won’t flop around or fall off and ding the top of the guitar when changing strings.

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