Mesa/Boogie Introduces Three New Overdrive Pedals

The range goes covers transparent boost/overdrive, mid-gain, and progressing along to the realm of high gain.

Petaluma, CA (June 17, 2020) -- MESA/Boogie announces the addition of three new overdrive pedals to its line of pedals and signal management products built in the company’s Petaluma, California shop. The Cleo, Dynaplex, and Gold Mine each cover a specific range along the gain spectrum, with unique character, beginning with transparent boost/overdrive, mid-gain and progressing along to the realm of high gain.

MESA reports that the CLEO is a transparent boost/overdrive style design with a focus on vintage-inspired low to medium gain overdrive sounds packed with dynamic nuance, lively attack and a wide variety of essential clip sounds. The DYNAPLEX is all about the “British Crunch” style with classic mid punch, chirping harmonics and the chime players desire for Classic Rock sounds and beyond. Progressing to the higher end of the gain spectrum, the GOLD MINE is focused on mid to high gain sounds, classic heavy chunk and rich gain with harmonic complexity, soaring single note sounds and the liquid gain and girth gain lovers expect from MESA.

“We think players of all styles will really dig these new pedals...such an amazing range of drive sounds can be found among these three new catalysts. Whether used individually to add specific sounds to an existing Pedal Board Rig or combined to create your own unique custom voices, these new pedals are great additions to almost anyone’s overdrive pallet. The three represent perfect stops along the gain trail, from Cleo at the lower end covering Blues, Roots, Indie or even a hearty Boost, the DynaPlex going straight at the heart of mid gain Brit, beyond Classic Crunch and ‘70s Rock sounds, to Gold Mine topping it off with soaring, fat high gain that tips the hat to Boogie, there’s something for all seasons and specialties Whichever you choose, you’ll be investing in a high-quality tone tool that like each and every MESA product, is hand built in our only shop in Petaluma, California, USA.... the Home of Tone!” said Doug West, Director of R&D at MESA/Boogie.

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