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MI Effects Shipping Super Blues Pro Overdrive

Designed to deliver classic Tube Screamer sound with upgraded features.

Sydney, Australia (December 5, 2012) -- Australia's MI Effects has announced that their latest pedal is now shipping. The Super Blues Pro is an upgraded version of their Blues Pro pedal, designed to deliver classic Tube Screamer sound with upgraded features. Here are the details from MI Effects:

MI Effects are pleased to announce the Super Blues Pro overdrive pedal is ready to hit the streets on the 8th June. This highly anticipated release is the next step along the Blues Pro heritage that has garnered many loyal fans from all genres of music.

Michael Ibrahim, director of MI Audio, and pedal designer comments “The Blues Pro has been a pedal that gained a lot of fans over the years since we have started making them. When I designed it long ago, I wanted to create an overdrive, crammed with many different sounds, accessible via three knobs. The simplicity of the design grabbed the attention of a lot of musicians, but we received feedback from the fans asking for a bit more from the pedal. This feedback saw the birth of the Super Blues Pro!”

The Blues Pro has always delivered in the low/mid gain overdrive tones, and sounds great through any amp or guitar/pickup combination. With the upgraded feature set, the Super Blues Pro delivers the original mid-focused TS sound found on a lot of classic blues and rock recordings, and so much more with control over the bass response, top-end and gain/clipping structure to provide every kind of overdrive imaginable.

The Super Blues Pro sports new internal voltage multiplying circuitry, that boosts the operating voltage from a 9V ONLY input to an 18V supply, giving added headroom gives more clarity in the top end and attack and really adds that sparkle for low-gain boosting your amplifier. The Super Blues Pro also has a number of new controls unseen on the original –all added to provide the ultimate flexible overdrive pedal. Michael adds, “I wanted to expand the kinds of overdrive tones that can be dialled in and stand alongside the tone of the original Blues Pro. With a flick of a switch and a turn of a knob, you can go from a low-gain boost to harmonic, smooth blues drive to super-compressed fuzz.”

Amongst the new controls of the Super Blues Pro are DETAIL, BODY and TRIM that provide all of the fine-tuning of EQ and gain to nail the perfect overdrive tone. DETAIL allows for the right balance between lows and highs, and is a modified TONE control from the original. BODY adjusts the low-end and when cranked, can mimic the loose and fuzzy feel of a low-wattage Blues combo amplifier. The TRIM knob is a secondary gain control that adds top-end detail and ‘sizzle’ as the gain increases. Using the TRIM and GAIN in conjunction allows for the slightest adjustment in gain unseen in most overdrive pedals.

The CLIPPING STRUCTURE switches are another new addition to the Blues Pro topology giving the guitarist absolute control over dynamics, compression and feel via the selection of SILICON, MOSFET or NONE. Each toggle switch controls the clipping of each half of the waveform allowing for symmetrical and asymmetrical combinations that affect the harmonics and compression of the overdrive tone. Stick with SILICON for the original Blues Pro tone, MOSFET for a more open, tube-like, uncompressed drive or a fusion of both. Perhaps the most interesting tone found in the Super Blues Pro is the overdrive/fuzz dialled in by selecting NONE on one of the switches and either SILICON or MOSFET in the other. This fuzz tone can be gated and super-squished – responsive to attack, or rolled back via the guitar’s volume knob for a more natural overdrive sound. The Super Blues Pro is the perfect harmony between fuzz and overdrive for rhythm or lead, coils or buckers and everything in between!

• True bypass switching.
• Battery connection and 9v DC only power jack.
• Controls: VOLUME, GAIN, DETAIL, BODY, TRIM and two CLIPPING STRUCTURE toggle switches
• 2.6" x 4.6" in size (92mm x 117mm)
• 5 Year Warranty
• Blue powder coated, durable multi-layered silkscreen.

Watch a video demo from the company:

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