Michael Kelly Guitars Announces the Triad Acoustic Guitar Line

Consistent between all four models are the exotic wood, three piece backs, a solid spruce top, flamed okoume sides, and zero-endpin bridge.

Hebron, KY (January 20, 2015) -- Michael Kelly Guitars debuts the new line of Triad acoustics for 2015. Starting with mandolins and acoustic basses fifteen years ago, the line has evolved into acoustic and electric guitar models. Since that time, the brand has sought to bring the custom shop attributes of top shelf, boutique builds to affordable price points for the everyday and casual player all while still delivering the needs of a working professional.

The Triad series is Michael Kelly’s top of the line collection. Consistent between all four models are the exotic wood, three piece backs, a solid spruce top, flamed okoume sides, zero-endpin bridge, the Triad three circle inlay elements, built in Fishman active electronics discretely installed within the soundhole, and two additional ports on the side of each model for extra sound dispersion and audibility to the player.

The Triad CE is a classic cutaway body style that features an asymmetric soundhole rosette and natural satin finish for a unique and boutique vibe.

An elaborate custom vine inlay throughout the fingerboard adorns the Triad Entwined E while the dreadnought body is finished in a natural gloss.

There may be no peers to the Triad 10E. In addition to the exotic woods and top shelf electronics, what sets this guitar apart is the 10 strings. Contrary to traditional 12 string guitars, the 10 string set up is comprised of doubling the first, second, third and fourth strings. The E and B strings are tuned to the same pitch while the doubled G and D strings are tuned an octave apart, respectively.

Completing the collection is the Triad Port with an innovative bracing design and port soundhole placement on the soundboard shaped in a modern cutaway, body style.

Retail/MAP Prices:
Triad CE $445.00/$299.99
Triad Entwinded E $525.00/$369.99
Triad 10E $580.00/$399.99
Triad Port $580.00/$399.99

For more information:
Michael Kelly Guitars

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