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MidValleyFx Unveils the Elevation Fuzz

MidValleyFx Unveils the Elevation Fuzz

A gated fuzz that aims to offer some interesting tones.

Albany, OR (May 2, 2019) -- Adding to the company’s line of fuzz effects pedals, Mid Valley Fx has unleashed their Elevation Fuzz, an all-original, gated fuzz designed to produce everything from walloping, huge dirt sounds with octave overtones, to sputter velcro tones at lower gain settings.

Designed to give the palm muting and clarity of a distortion with a gated velcro fuzz tone all wrapped up into one pedal. Max fuzz makes chords even bigger and palm mutes brutal but when the fuzz is lowered you get a gated sputtery velcro sound that interacts with your playing. Frequency knob takes you from flatter tonal frequencies to full on power adding more saturation to your overall sound with a very user friendly sweep that sounds pleasing in any setting. High gain fuzz to distortion overtones to sputtery velcro, Elevation is the sweet spot for anyone that wants the best qualities of any dirt tone all wrapped up into one pedal.


  • 3 knobs to control Volume, Fuzz, and Frequency
  • True bypass on/off switch
  • 9-volt operation and standard DC input

The Elevation carries a street price of $140 and can be purchased directly from the Mid Valley Fx online store.

For more information:
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