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MidValleyFX Unveils the Mad Robot

An oscillating fuzz pedal that is designed to deliver arpeggiating tones that wrap around the notes.

Albany, OR (September 19, 2018) -- Adding to the company’s line of fuzz effects pedals, Mid Valley Fx has unleashed their Mad Robot, an oscillating fuzz pedal that will light up any pedalboard with volume and all-out crazy heaviness.

The Mad Robot is designed to deliver arpeggiating tones that wrap around the notes, with the effect varying depending on how hard the guitar is played. It also provides a superb octave up – with notable clarity and no oscillations -- with the flick of the switch. You can change the frequency of the constant feedback oscillating in the background of your guitar’s tone to achieve low motorboating frequencies that will rumble any practice space, or you can emphasize higher frequencies that work great with single notes.

By lowering your guitar’s volume, the Mad Robot’s bass synth tones come out to play - and this added sonic dimension sounds great onstage and in recordings.

If you’re looking to destroy or enhance any guitar tone, the Mad Robot is a fiendishly great accomplice.


  • Four knobs and a switch to control Volume, Input, Attack, oscillations/no oscillations and tone frequency
  • Die-cast aluminum box offers stage-ready durability
  • True bypass on/off switch
  • 9-volt operation and standard DC input

The Mad Robot carries a street price of $120.00 each and can be purchased directly from the Mid Valley Fx online store at

Watch the company's video demo:

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