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MJC Ironworks Unveils Bass Strings

MJC Ironworks Unveils Bass Strings

Nickel-plated high-performance strings in 4-, 5-, 6- and 7-string sets.

San Jose, CA (June 23, 2015) -- String industry veteran Michael Connolly has announced the official launch of MJC Ironworks, a new string company with a geek-like intensity to detail and how things can work better for musicians.

The company’s first strings are for bass players. MJC’s bass string line feature a variety of gauges of stainless steel and nickel-plated high-performance strings in 4, 5, 6 and 7-string sets. The bass strings are sold in eye-grabbing tin containers, 5 inches in diameter, to protect the strings and preserve their freshness. Each tin contains a specially treated foam strip that emits a corrosion-prohibiting protectant with the aim of preserving the inherent sound characteristics of steel. The foam strip is designed to not only protect the strings in their shipping package, but to continue preserving the strings whenever the instrument is stored in its case.

MJC Ironworks calls this technology RNPROTECTS, which is a metal-seeking vapor phase inhibitor system to seal and protect metals. Explaining the process, Connolly notes “a pure un-treated metal string makes a perfect sound, but metals are immediately attacked by moisture, salt and all the bad stuff in air the moment the string is made. To combat this attack, string manufactures have devised coatings to ward off anything that can attack a string. The trade-offs between coating and un-treated strings are comprises to the sound that a metal string can make. RNPROTECTS works by bonding electrochemically with metal surfaces to create a molecular umbrella to seal out air and moisture that cause corrosion. RN Protects also migrates onto any nearby metal surface through a natural occurring static charge, yet with no buildup. It is non-toxic, user-safe and derived from natural, organic sources. And it won’t harm plastics, elastomers or painted surfaces.”

All MJC Ironworks strings will be shipped in a specialized tin container to protect the strings from exposure to the elements, plus an additional foam strip of RNPROTECTS which will preserve the string in its case for up to 2 years.

The tone of MJC’s strings is also distinguished by the string’s core-to-wrap ratios and in a proprietary precision manufacturing process.

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