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Mooer Announces Micro DI

Mooer Announces Micro DI

Mooer Audio's new Micro DI features cabinet emulation, gain switch, and a very small footprint.

Oxnard, CA (September 7, 2013) -- Mooer Audio has done it again. This time it is a smart direct input box with ultra low distortion. It quietly transfers the signal chain directly to the audio system and has a ground lift switch to eliminate hum or ground loops. There is a virtual 4 x 12” cabinet emulation and a gain switch (-20dB, 0dB, +20dB). It is an outstanding addition to anyone’s recording or gigging rig.

  • Very small unit (roughly 1.5 inches by 3.5 inches) to conserve real estate
  • Durable construction including all metal housing
  • Cut and Boost for use with any input signal

Mooer Audio is well known for the small size and the big sound of its effects micro pedals. Dana Teague is an Analog Electric Engineer and has always appreciated Mooer Audio’s attention to quality design and manufacturing. “Mooer has very successfully addressed the bane of every electric guitarist and bassist when recording – signal noise and distortion. The Micro DI will be a much appreciated stocking stuffer!”

MSRP: $99.00

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