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Mooer Unveils Three New Micro Preamps

The Cali Dual, Fried Mien, and Matchbox covers everything from modern high-gain tones to classic British and American sounds.

Mooer Audio

Shenzhen, China (January 11, 2018) -- Since the Micro Preamp series was unleashed on the guitar market in January 2017, Mooer have been bombarded with hordes of requests for models of peoples favourite amplifiers. Due to the popularity of these pedals Mooer has been collecting samples from all kinds of different tube amps.

To mark the 1-year anniversary of the release of the Micro Preamp series, Mooer will be releasing three brand new, boutique Micro Preamp models.

011 – Cali Dual

  • A 90’s double rectified high gain classic.

012 – Fried Mien

  • Probably the most requested amp so far. A modern hot-rodded take on a classic British amp by one of the finest amp engineers of our time

013 - Matchbox

  • A highly sought after, modified, vintage US Combo.

All three of these Preamps are fully loaded with the same popular features as 001-010.

  • Dual channels with independent gain, volume and EQ parameters.
  • Built-in optional cab simulator
  • Two different footswitch control methods. On/Off or Channel A/B

011 - 013 will be available from official MOOER dealers and distributors worldwide at a street price of around $99 USD each.

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