The company's flagship model sports Lollar pickups, Graphtech TUSQ XL nuts, and the upward-winged Aileron headstock.

Montreal, Canada (June 11, 2019) -- Based on the specifications and design of iconic electric guitars of the ‘50s, the all-new Quarzo model is the flagship of the Morifone lineup. It’s traditional mahogany body and neck, carved maple top, ebony fretboard, and 24.75-inch scale-length construction makes it tone silky and warm like vintage guitars. It also uses Lollar pickups, Graphtech TUSQ XL nut, push-push coil-split tone knob and a German-made ABM bell-brass bridge, as well as Schaller tuners.

The Quarzo features, as a world premiere, the upward-winged Aileron patented headstock design. Besides being the spectacular visual branding of all Morifone products, the Aileron provides serious functional advantages:

  • More Sustain
  • Better Tone
  • Better Playability, especially easier string bending
  • Stay in Tune when you lay the instrument down on a flat surface – the tuning pegs are never in contact with the sofa, bed, stage floor or wall.

Designed and hand built in Montreal, Canada, the Morifone Quarzo is available internationally by ordering from our website at the Boutique/High-end price of $3,999 USD.

Watch the company's video demo:

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A signature fuzz for Boris's guitar sorceress is a unique twist on the Big Muff formula.

Easy to navigate. Unique fuzz tones. Range-y knobs reward tweaking.

Trebly settings can be harsh.


EarthQuaker Devices Hizumitas


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