A variety of cable lengths for studio and performance as well as strings for every need.

Anaheim, CA (January 22, 2016) -- Morley®, makers of pedals, switches and devices for musicians, announced that they will be releasing Morley® Instrument cables and Guitar & Bass strings at winter NAMM.

The cables are hand-made using quality cable and connectors. Each is precision cut, hand soldered, assembled and tested one cable at a time in the USA. Five offerings are being released at NAMM: 15 ft Studio, 8 ft Studio, 15 ft Performance, 8 ft Performance and 6 inch FX Jumper. Studio cables use Neutrik® connectors while the Performance cables use Switchcraft® connectors.

“Our main goal was to create great quality cables in usable lengths that were reasonably priced.” states Morley® Sales Manager Bill Wenzloff, “The most important thing to us is providing quality tools for musicians to create music with.” Morley® Boutique Strings are also hand-made, one string at a time in the USA. We choose superior quality wire and use time tested winding practices which produces a better sounding, longer lasting string. “The attention to detail is what makes the difference,” adds Director of Engineering Scott Flesher, “Every aspect of the manufacturing is scrutinized; so much so that we actually hand-write the string gauge on each envelope!” Morley boutique strings are available in Electric (9, 10, & 11), Acoustic (Phosphorous Bronze 11 & 12), Bass (40, 45 & 50 in nickel or stainless steel). Morley® strings and cables are not meant to be the most inexpensive around, because you deserve better than that!

  • Morley Cables (Street Prices)
  • Studio 8 ft: $39
  • Studio 15 ft: $43
  • Performance 8 ft: $33
  • Performance 15 ft: $37
  • 6 inch Jumper: $19
  • Morley Strings (street prices)
  • Guitar Light 09-42: $9.50
  • Guitar Medium Light 10-46: $9.50
  • Guitar Medium 11-49: $9.50
  • Acoustic Light 11-52: $11.50
  • Acoustic Medium 12-54: $11.50
  • Bass Light Nickel 40-100: $33
  • Bass Medium Nickel 45-105: $33
  • Bass Heavy Nickel: 50-110 $33
  • Bass Light Stainless Steel 40-100: $30
  • Bass Medium Stainless Steel 45-105: $30
  • Bass Heavy Stainless Steel 50-110: $30

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