Mu-FX Releases the Phasor 2X

An enhanced reissue of the classic Musitronics Mu-Tron Phasor II.

Encinitas, CA (May 31, 2017) -- The long-awaited Mu-FX Phasor 2X is the enhanced reissue of the classic Musitronics Mu-Tron Phasor II.

Designed by Musitronics co-founder Mike Beigel, the Phasor 2X features the same analog electro-optical phase-shift circuitry as the original Mu-Tron Phasor II, with many enhancements. These include: dual independent 4/6-stage phaser control sets, stereo (modified 5-stage) output, silent footswitches with true-bypass, expression pedal or CV control, and “EXP” toggle switches to control rate or sweep functions. With no EXP/CV pedal plugged in, these toggle switches allow the Phasor 2X to become a stereo “multi-pole- filter” EQ.

The Phasor 2X offers unparalleled clarity, dynamic range and responsiveness as a result of special electro-optical components and 12V AC power-supply (included with USA orders). Keep the Mu-mojo of deep and immersive spatial phasing without the bulk or worry of carrying around your vintage unit.

If you like phasors, you’ll love the Phasor 2X. And if you’ve never liked phasors before, it’s because you’ve never played the Mu-FX Phasor 2X. It is truly “The very next phase!”


  • Dual independent rate, depth and feedback controls allow separate settings for 4- and 6-stage phasing
  • Dual silent footswitches and multi-color LEDs for FX/bypass and phase stage selection
  • Two outputs for stereo use
  • EXP/CV (T-R- S) input for expression pedal or synth CV effect control
  • Internal switch to choose between active and true-bypass
  • 12V AC power supply for studio-quality dynamic range and headroom
  • The Phasor 2X is available direct for $359.95 at (with 12V AC power supply included for USA customers)
  • Available as a “combo” with the dual-output Mu-FX/Mission MU-XP2 expression pedal for $499.95 (Pedal available separately for $160.00)

For more information:

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