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Murray Kuun Introduces Archangel Nylon String Archtop

South African luthier Murray Kuun has announced his new Archangel model, a nylon-string guitar aimed at both jazz and classical players.

Jonzi, South Africa (February 13, 2013) -- South African luthier Murray Kuun has introduced his new Archangel nylon string archtop guitar. It features a hand-carved arched spruce top and arched cherry back, hand-polished patina -- all reminiscent of the craftsmanship exemplified by a fine violin.

Archangel also features a slightly radiused fingerboard, Stradivari-type f-holes, a sound-port and high quality tuning machines to make it a pleasure for either classical, jazz or fingerstyle players to play.

The instrument can be custom ordered in a wide variety of tonewoods and finishes. This original guitar has:

  • a spruce soundboard
  • sustainable cherry back and sides
  • Indian rosewood fingerboard on a cherry neck
  • trimmings in curly maple and African "pinkwood"
  • a 650mm scale, typical of most good classicals
  • Swiss-made Schertler tuning machines

Professional jazz and classical players will find the instrument very responsive, resonant-sounding with excellent sustain. The Archangel is able to fill small and medium sized club rooms with a beautifully balanced tone but can also be ordered with a high quality, natural sounding pickup system for concerts in bigger concert halls and clubs. Archangels currently carry a suggested price of US$5990- with cut-away and $5490- without cut-away - final price is dependent on the location, currency exchange rate and final specifications decided on by the client

For more information:
Murray Kuun

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