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Mythos Pedals Unveils the Oracle Analog Echo

Mythos Pedals Unveils the Oracle Echo

A fully analog echo designed in the tradition of the classic Japanese units that feature the MN3205 chip.

Nashville, TN (March 15, 2021) -- Mythos is releasing their first delay pedal, the Oracle Analog Echo. Originally the Oracle was conceived as a fully featured digital delay, but that wasn't true to the Mythos ethos and the Oracle has been reimagined as a classic BBD delay pedals that harkens back to the most classic Japanese designs.

Designed by John Snyder of Electronic Audio Experiments the Oracle is built around a pair of reissue MN3205 BBD chips. Offering up 600 ms of warm delay time, this echo pedal was designed from the ground up to never get in the way of your playing. It's unique tap tempo circuit allows you to push the amount of delay time past the knob for degraded broken repeats. The Oracle is simple and to the point avoiding screens and presets for total simplicity.


  • 600 ms of Delay time
  • Two reissue MN3025 BBD chips
  • Tap Tempo (with Ext. Tap Jack)
  • Top Mount Jacks
  • True Bypass Switching

The Oracle Analog Echo will retail for $259 and is available from Mythos Pedals dealers worldwide.

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