Nexi Industries Introduces the Nexi Bass Pedalboard

The board features a built-in tuner with huge display and a 3-step clean boost.

Amsterdam (January 24, 2019) -- For bass players who have wished they could optimize their pedalboard in a couple of clicks without catastrophe, the dream has become a reality. New from Nexi Industries, makers of the award-winning The Solution pedalboard for electric guitar, the Nexi Bass powered pedalboard offers click-and-play convenience without sacrificing tone. With its sleek profile and smart design, Nexi Bass is the travel-friendly, gig-ready solution that many active bass players have been looking for.

The beauty of Nexi’s technology is that it eliminates worry about cables and power issues. With the Nexi Bass pedalboard, players will find everything they need in one package, including an internal power supply and up to 12V DC external output. Players can choose from Nexi’s excellent line of true-bypass analog bass effect pedals that easily click into the Nexi Bass pedalboard, or they may choose to hook up four of their own pedals using the ConNexi adapter, sold separately.

While the four-slot Nexi Bass is designed to take up less room, it’s packed with helpful features that many other pedalboards don’t include, like a built-in tuner with huge display and a 3-step clean booster. Nexi Bass also carries a built-in pre-amped DI with voice-balanced and unbalanced output. In the absence of a backline, the onboard voiced preamp gives players the option to go direct into a mixer without losing their analog sound.

Gone are the days of having numerous patch cables, 9V batteries that will run out of power during a gig, or multiple external power sources that complicate a stage setup or cause unwanted hum. With Nexi Bass, the ultimate powered bass pedalboard, players are free to be as creative as they want in their setup, even if it’s five minutes before the gig.

Nexi Industries will be exhibiting the Nexi Bass pedalboard and other innovations at The 2019 NAMM Show in the Anaheim Convention Center, booth #3534.

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