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Nunez Amplification Delivers the Tetra-Fet Drive

Producer and Torche guitarist Jonathan Nunez collaborated with OvertoneWorks’ Gary Phillips to build a handmade a discreet Class-A overdrive capable of an array of dirt colors.

Miami, FL (September 9, 2019) -- Nunez Amplification has unveiled its new Tetra-Fet pedal, a discreet Class-A overdrive capable of an astonishingly broad range of tones. It can do subtle tone lifts, slight break up, moderate levels of OD or distortion, and extremely high gain – all while preserving the natural tone of your instrument. The Tetra-Fet Drive is a dynamic overdrive that reacts and sounds like a tube amp, allowing you to roll back your volume to achieve creamy smooth or twangy cleans, mid-level crunch, as well as pulverizing levels of gain.

The Tetra-Fet delivers all these over driven tones with remarkably little noise – even at high gain settings. Its circuit brings out the most intricate details of any player's technique and allows the sound/tone of the instrument being used to come through while expanding it.

Whether you’re playing rhythm or lead, the Tetra-Fet allows players to switch smoothly between the two roles with no awkwardness. The Tetra-Fet also excels at keeping tones tight, no matter how many strings your guitar has, or how low you tune – a major attraction for 7-, 8-, and 9-string players.

The Tetra-Fet can also be used as a preamp, feeding your guitar into a power amp. Our pedals have been consistently described as sounding like tube amps, not pedals.

Tetra-Fet Drive highlights include:

  • Unique All Discreet Class-A Design
  • Tight to Massive Low End via Shift switch for Extended Range for Lower Tunings
  • Up to 90db of Gain with very low noise
  • Up to 6db of Dynamic Range at High Gain settings
  • Intuitive Controls: Gain, Level, Bass, Mid, High, Shift
  • Handmade in the USA with High End Components Sourced from: UK, EU, Japan, Canada, and the USA

The Tetra-Fet Drive is competitively priced at $275.00 and can be purchased directly from Nunez Amplification at

Watch the company's video demo:

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