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Oddfellow FX Introduces the Napoleon Boost

Oddfellow FX Introduces the Napoleon Boost

A simple, powerful boost with a single, oversized level knob.

Riverside, CA (October 31, 2014) -- A newer, yet reputable name to the guitar pedal industry launches their second product.

Designed to give guitar players the most options with tone enhancement and signal amplification, The Napoleon Boost does wonders to a player’s current rig, while allowing them to get different kinds of dynamics depending on where the pedal in placed in their setup. The Napoleon is a simple, yet powerful boost. With a single, oversized (foot friendly) boost level knob, a player has the ability to control their guitar’s signal level from unity, up to ten times whatever the pedal is fed! This is also the perfect pedal to leave on at all times, enhancing the player’s guitar tone like they’ve never heard before. Turn the knob all the way down, and the Napoleon becomes a signal buffer, with no volume boost.


  • True-bypass switching
  • High quality graphics and powder-coat finish
  • High quality, brand name, components
  • 9-volt battery and DC power capability
  • Can be ran on 18v for more headroom
  • Small footprint. Enclosure dimensions are 4.3” x 2.3” x 1”
  • Bright LED for clear visibility
  • Handmade from scratch, in California
  • Includes 9V battery and 2.1mm DC cable, compatible with most power supplies

The Oddfellow Napoleon Boost will carry a MAP price of $119.99 and can be purchased through an authorized Oddfellow Effects dealer.

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