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Positive Grid Announces BIAS Mini Amplifier and Twin Pedals

Positive Grid Announces BIAS Mini Amplifier and Twin Pedals

The amps feature front panel controls, effects loop, XLR balanced output and MIDI I/O.

San Diego, CA (July 13, 2017) -- Positive Grid, creators of the popular BIAS Amp and BIAS FX guitar amp-and-effects processor software, today announced the introduction of BIAS Mini amplifiers, BIAS Twin pedals, and BIAS Footswitch - the newest products in their highly innovative line of hardware. The BIAS Mini is a half-rack amplifier that comes in two versions, Guitar and Bass—each one specially designed to be the most versatile amplifier on the planet for the gigging musician. The BIAS Twin Delay, Modulation, and Distortion pedals are Positive Grid’s newest line of professional effects designed for maximum professional tone and versatility. All three pedals feature the same incredible tone of the award-winning BIAS Pro pedals, in a compact 2-button pedal format. The BIAS Footswitch comes in a 4 button form factor and allows users to easily control any Positive Grid BIAS hardware product.

BIAS Mini Amplifiers

Following the success of the flagship BIAS Head, the new BIAS Mini amps from Positive Grid are available in two versions - BIAS Mini Guitar and BIAS Mini Bass. Both models are compact heads and feature many of the same capabilities of the BIAS Head in a compact 300W (BIAS Mini Guitar) and 600W (BIAS Mini Bass) form factor. Built with first-class components, BIAS Mini amps feature front panel controls, Effects Loop, XLR Balanced Output and MIDI I/O. BIAS Mini amps come loaded with 8 factory presets that are easily modified thanks to seamless integration with BIAS Amp software allowing musicians to build their dream tone via the built-in Bluetooth and/or USB connections.

BIAS Twin Pedals

The new BIAS Twin pedals - Distortion, Delay, and Modulation - bring all the sonic excellence of the Award Winning BIAS Pro pedal series to players who most value a compact footprint, lightweight, and great portability. BIAS Twin pedals are compact 2-button full metal stomp-boxes designed for musicians who want the best possible tone in a pedalboard friendly format. Each Twin series pedal comes with 9 different preloaded tones that can be easily modified with the 6 tweak knobs, and feature USB and Bluetooth connections that make them compatible with the iPad / PC or Mac BIAS Pedal software. Weighing only 0.85 kg each, the Twin pedal can be powered with 9V adapters and includes ¼ TRS input and ¼ stereo outputs, making them the perfect addition for any guitar / bass player pedal arsenal in the studio or on the road.

BIAS Footswitch

BIAS Footswitch is a solidly built metal foot controller that allows Positive Grid hardware owners to control their devices hands free. Thanks to the power-saving feature and a maximum performance of up to 24 hours continuous use, BIAS Footswitch owners simply need 2 AA batteries and the included ¼ TRS included cable to control their devices onstage or in the studio.

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