A discreet and accurate soundhole-mounted tuner.

Korg’s new Rimpitch moves clip-on tuner duties from the headstock to the soundhole. It’s svelte and light, and it slips onto the lower edge of most standard acoustic guitar soundholes. (The Rimpitch fit my dread perfectly, but not my parlor, due to its bracing pattern.) Tuning is easy and accurate, and the bright indicator lights serve well on a dark stage. The tuner definitely offers a comfortable viewing angle compared to headstock tuners. That said, its mounting location may not be ideal for heavy-handed strummers, who might catch it with a pick and knock it into the soundhole. Also, the fixed-pitch indicators only work with standard tuning, so Rimpitch isn’t a good choice for 12-string players or those who rely on alternate tunings.

Test Gear: 2005 Larrivee parlor, 1974 Washburn dreadnought


Discreet. Accurate. Comfortable viewing angle.

Not the best option for aggressive strummers or alternate tuning fans.



Ease of Use:



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