Quilter Announces the Tone Block 201

Expounding on the success of the Tone Block 200, the Tone Block 201 adds features and expands the capability of the diminutive package.

Costa Mesa, CA (June 21, 2016) -- Carrying on from where Quilter’s popular Tone Block 200 left off, the Tone Block 201 expands upon the value and feature set from the pedalboard standpoint. A highly anticipated expansion of the Tone Block’s capabilities delivers a 5-way voicing Switch, Hi-cut, along with the gain, Tri-Q Contour control, and the calibrated wattage master volume. Beyond just features, the Tone Block 201 also includes an effects send and return and Quilter’s proprietary Direct Out and dual 1/4" speaker outputs. The Tone Block 201 as the ultimate pedalboard amplifier.

The Tone Block 201 is now shipping to our valued dealer partners.

“The Tone Block 201 really makes the gigging musician’s life easier. Everything we do is in an effort to support working musicians and remove the challenges and problems associated with gigging with heavy and fragile tube amplifiers while delivering the same great tone,” says sales manager Peter Melton.

$449 MSRP

For more information:
Quilter Labs

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