Quilter Labs expands the MicroPro 200 family with a new 10-inch amplifier model, a 12-inch model and a lightweight head.

Costa Mesa, CA (July 18, 2012) – Quilter Labs expands the MicroPro 200 family with a new 10-inch amplifier model, a 12-inch model and a lightweight head. The new models join the flagship 8-inch combo amps that redefined what a small guitar amp should be. Now musicians can experience the amazingly full and clear Quilter tone through their choice of speakers.

All MicroPro amplifiers use the same 200 watt class D power plant that produces the warm, rich tone of a vintage tube amp without the hassle of tubes. The massive headroom supplied by the amp brings a new level of punch and dynamics to any musical style.

Highlights of the Quilter MicroPro 200 family include:
* 200 watt class D switchmode amplifier technology
* Innovative FULLQ™ analog tone circuit for increased feel and harmonics
* 8, 10, or 12-inch Celestion speaker
* Lightweight combo amps from 19 to 26 lbs.
* The 200 watt amplifier head is a mere 7 lbs!
* Big, full sound with a wide range of tone from crystal clear clean to rich, warm overdrive
* Full featured professional amp that can play any sized gig
* Optional 12-in extension speaker adds fullness and volume

This innovative design is the brainchild of Patrick Quilter, the founder of QSC Audio Products, a leading supplier in pro audio. Using his vast experience with power amplifier design and a musician's ear, Mr. Quilter has cracked the code for classic tube tone to create an amp that defies expectations.

Quilter amps are designed and assembled in Costa Mesa, California with all major parts sourced locally. The amp's retro style harkens back to the golden age of radio while modern touches like the back-lit control panel give it a look that is unique and attractive.

The 10-inch MicroPro 200 retails for $949, the 12-inch MicroPro 200 retails for $999 and the MicroPro 200 Head retails for $699. The 12-inch Extension Speaker retails for $399.

For more information:

A compact pedal format preamp designed to offer classic, natural bass tone with increased tonal control and extended headroom.

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