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Red Witch Pedals Unveils the Binary Star Time Modulator

A stereo delay that factors in chorus and vibrato effects.

New Zealand (February 12, 2021) -- The Binary Star is a unique celestial time modulator from Red Witch Pedals in New Zealand.

Immeasurably versatile, the Binary Star allows users access to a vast range of analog flavored sounds, from straightforward delays (Slap Back to long repeats) and modulation effects like chorus, and vibrato, through to insane pitch shifted repeats and ultra fast pitch shifted vibrato repeats.

The Binary Star combines the best elements from their previous delay offerings (The Violetta, The Titan and The Violet) and delivers what Red Witch owner Ben Fulton describes as “The best sounding delay we’ve released, hands down. This pedal offers all the things you’d expect from a great delay unit – but there’s so much more to what it can do. It’s a really unique tone machine”.

Each unit is hand signed and numbered by Ben.

The Binary Star can be used in mono or stereo mode, where the stereo mode splits the wet and dry signals into two outputs which can be run into separate amplifiers.

Featuring 5 dials, two toggle switches and one foot switch, the Binary Star allows you to dial a near infinite number of sounds from it’s multidimensional heart.

The Controls:

  • Universe : This controls the delay time. Unlike standard delay times the universe control increases delay time as the control is turned clockwise, but begins to reduce delay time in the last stages of it’s sweep. Like the classic analog delays of old, as you increase the delay time you will hear background artifacts in the sound. You’re pushing the engine. But it’s ok. The Binary Star’s warp drive can take it. No need for alarm.
  • Replicate: Used to determine the number of repeats in longer delay settings or the resonance, in shorted delay settings.
  • Mix: Allows you to choose any blend of Dry, Wet and Dry and 100% Wet.
  • Velocity: Determines the rate of the modulation
  • Depth: determines the depth of the modulation. Set this fully counterclockwise to turn the modulation function off. This control works interactively with the Universe dial. In longer delay settings, increasing the Depth control will reduce the overall delay setting.
  • G (Left Hand Toggle Switch): Set this switch to the right to increase overall delay time, to the left to reduce.
  • C (Right Hand Toggle Switch): Set this switch to determine the flavor of the wet signal – to the left for a warmer sound, to the left for a brighter sound.
  • Foot Switch: True Bypass – Engage to bring the Binary Star into your signal path
  • LED Left Hand: Indicates that the unit is engaged or not
  • LED Right Hand: Pulses in time with the modulation rate.
  • Right Hand Jack Socket: Input
  • Far Left Jack Socket: Mono Output (use this when only using one amplifier)
  • Middle Jack Socket: Stereo Output. Attaching a second amplifier to this socket automatically engages stereo mode.
  • 2.1 Socket: DC input. 9 volts, Regulated DC. Center pin Negative, sleeve Positive. Current draw 60ma.380grams. 4 ½ inches x 2 ½ inches x 2 inches (120mm x 63mm x 52mm)

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