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Red Witch Pedals Unveils the Fuzz God IV

The tweakable fuzz is built upon dual silicon BC109 transistors.

New Zealand (September 24, 2020) -- We are delighted to introduce ... the most dial-able fuzz on the planet.

Dual NOS Silicon BC109 transistor Fuzz featuring the crazed switchable oscillation of Fuzz God II's "Wrath" coupled to a germanium diode Octavia and finally rounded off with an internal 8 way DIP switch allowing for 264 different tone and gain combinations. There's not a lot the Fuzz God IV cannot do.

Preorder the Fuzz God IV now and receive free express tracked shipping via DHL anywhere in the world. Units will ship on Friday the 3rd of October, when the pre-sale ends. The first batch of these pedals will be limited to to 150 pieces , each hand assembled, numbered and signed by Ben Fulton.


  • 3 tiered foot-switches control effect engage (left hand), Octavia (centre) and wrath oscillation (right).
  • Tri colour LED indicates pedal mode -Red (Engaged), Blue (Octavia), Green (Wrath), Violet (Fuzz with Octavia), Cyan - Fuzz with Wrath), White (Fuzz with Octavia and Wrath).
  • Sputter control allowing direct control of transistor bias - clockwise for smooth, silken fuzz, counterclockwise for gated, sputtery angst.
  • NOS BC109b and BC109c transistors as used in multiple classic early 70's Fuzz pedals.
  • 8 Way DIP switch - 6 different tone settings and 3 different gain settings.
  • Top mounted toggle switches can bypass internal DIP settings (Gain toggle bypasses to maximum gain, Tone toggle bypasses to max treble setting).
  • Germanium diode based Octavia effect (only useable when Fuzz is engaged (left foot-switch)
  • True Bypass
  • $239.99 USD

Watch the company's video demo:

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