Reverend Guitars Announces the 15th Anniversary Flatroc Guitar

In celebration of their fifteenth Anniversary, Reverend has launched a commemorative Flatroc Guitar.

Ilivonia, MI (Jan. 12, 2012) – Reverend Guitars, founded in 1997 by Joe Naylor, is celebrating their fifteenth anniversary this year! Reverend began in a garage behind a bicycle shop in Eastpointe, MI. The company is now based in Livonia, MI and has established itself as the go to company for musicians and independent dealers alike.

In celebration of their fifteenth Anniversary, Reverend has launched a commemorative Flatroc Guitar, featuring the new Revtron II pickups. It has a Flame Maple top, and is offered in Transparent Turquoise with a maple fretboard or Transparent Tobacco Burst with a rosewood fretboard. Both versions have a Bigsby installed and a fifteenth anniversary LE logo on the back of the headstock. The 15th Anniversary model debuted at NAMM, and is available to dealers.

Reverend Flatroc models have a clean and warm tone that highlights the upper-mid growl of the Rockabilly era in a solid body guitar. Like all Reverends, The Flatroc has a Korina body which is consistently responsive and lively.

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