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Revv Amps Unveils the D20

Revv Amps Unveils the D20

A lunchbox-sized tube amp that features a Two Notes Torpedo.

Winnipeg, Manitoba (May 6, 2019) -- Revv Amplification continue to innovate with the world’s first Two Notes Torpedo-embedded amplifier: the D20. What does that mean? It means the D20 has an onboard reactive loadbox & virtual cabinets. You can use the 9lb, all-tube amplifier through a cabinet like any other amp, or you can use the Two Notes technology for authentic tone & feel with headphones, straight to front of house, or for direct recording - all without a cabinet! A hit at the 2019 NAMM show - the D20 has been tweaked to perfection & starts shipping this month.

"It’s called the D20 because it’s based on our Dynamis amp - a tone we developed with Nashville session guitarists. Wonderfully organic & balanced clean & crunch tones. It’s 20 watts because that’s still loud enough to use live but perfect at home as well. We’ve used the Two Notes tech for years & it just made sense to put it in an amp. The possibilities are endless! Having that pure tube tone in such a small package is a great platform for any guitarist. It’s also our most affordable amp yet. You could even use our G-series pedals to build yourself one of our big amps at half the cost! It’s great to have a real, all-tube amp give you the options normally found in complex rack rigs or modelers. We can’t wait to see what people do with it!”


  • Inspiring clean & crunch tones developed with Nashville session guitarists
  • Perfect platform for your favorite pedals
  • 3-band EQ + Volume & Gain controls - Push/Pull gain pot for 2nd crunchier voicing
  • 2x 6v6, 2x 12ax7 - Switchable from 20 to 4 watts - Buffered Series FX Loop
  • Embedded Two notes Reactive Load & Virtual Cabinets
  • Go direct to Front of House, interface, or headphones without a cabinet
  • Hundreds of virtual mics, speakers, cabinets, EQ, reverb, & more available
  • 6 customizable Virtual Cabinet settings selectable via front knob - or up to 128 via MIDI
  • Weighs 9 pounds & includes fold-down handle

The D20's street price is $1199 & it can be purchased through many fine dealers or directly at

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