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Rio Grande Pickups Offers Open Face Filter'Tron-Style Models

Rio Grande Pickups Offers Open Face Filter'Tron-Style Models

A new option from Rio Grande are the open-faced Buffalo, Texas, and BBQ Tron style pickups.

Houston, TX (March 19, 2018) -- A new option from Rio Grande are the “open faced” Buffalo, Texas, and BBQ” Tron style pickups.

Our classic Tron family is now available in a wide range of “fancy” color options to match your pickguard and other plastic parts and beautiful paint jobs on your favorite guitars or Custom Builds in progress.

Or, just to look awesome on their own…!!

Available in 2 & 4-Conductor options, and a variety of facial dressings which include but is not limited to:

  • Brown Tortoise..White Pearl..Crème Pearl
  • Plain Gloss colors include: White, Crème, Black
  • Sparkle Flake colors include: Gold & Silver

Custom colors available on request….

Available in direct to wood mount and With tabs for pickguard and ring mounting. Custom Stainless Steel mounting rings also available to fit….

The BBQ-Tron is classic 50's style Humbucking architecture with a lot more horsepower under the hood! Recommended bridge position.

The Genuine Tex-Tron is a bit less powerful than the BBQ and is ballsy and rich when wide open yet clean with lots of top and bottom when rolled back slightly. Fusion, Boogie, or down and out Blues City! Great neck position pickup when combined with a Barbeque Bucker in the bridge.

The Buffalo-Tron is our most "classic" humbucking to date, two of these babies replicates a typical 50's combo . Back in those days the same pickup would be found in both neck and bridge positions. However, we have learned a lot since then and prefer the Buffalo in the neck with a Genuine Texas in the bridge.

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