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Schuyler Dean Pickups Releases the Sky’Tron

Classic Filter’Tron-style pickups in a standard humbucker size.

San Francisco, CA (February 3, 2015) -- Schuyler Dean Pickups has unveiled a new pickup model called the Sky’Tron. Based on the original Filter’Trons from the ‘50s, these were designed for a perfect balance of warmth and clarity. Sky’Trons are twangy and bright and 100% hum-canceling. They sound great in Telecasters, hollowbodies, Les Pauls, or any guitar with a standard humbucker rout.

Heavy-build formvar wire is scatterwound to 4.3K in the neck and 5.1K in the bridge for nice round lows, sparkling highs, and slightly scooped mids. Alnico IV magnets are hand de-gaussed for sweet vintage tone. Available in nickel, chrome, and gold covers.

Handmade in Schuyler’s San Francisco workshop, Sky’Tron pickups carry the following price: $140 each.

Watch the company's video demo:

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