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Skreddy Pedals Issues the Cognitive Dissonance MkIV

Skreddy Pedals Issues the Cognitive Dissonance MkIV

A new take on a classic fuzz sound.

Carson City, NV (October 9, 2018) -- Always a fan of Pink Floyd, Marc was also impressed with the way Pete Cornish was able to reproduce the character of David Gilmour’s old Big Muff from the 1970’s and make a road-worthy version of it suitable to the rigors of touring. In that vein, the Skreddy Cognitive Dissonance MkIV is a new take on the old fuzz sound. The philosophy of the MkIV is maximum refinement—silky and articulate and perfectly balanced. You will hear the distinctive character of the Big Muff style fuzz but without any overwhelming artifacts imposed over your guitar’s tone or your playing style.

The last Cognitive Dissonance, the MkIII, was discontinued in 2015, and we are pleased to announce it is once again available under this new moniker. That’s right; this is actually a re-issue of the MkIII. So if you missed out on the MkIII, I highly recommend giving the Skreddy Pedals Cognitive Dissonance MkIV a spin. It is snarling yet silky, sustaining yet articulate, and capable of soaring fuzz while remaining tight with a neutral tonal footprint.

Skreddy Pedals has long been known for the musicality of their guitar effects. Their first fuzz pedal release, the Mayonaise (sic), was a loving recreation of the first-edition Big Muff Pi* (named, of course, after a favorite Pumpkins song). Since that initial offering, Marc has branched out into several creative directions over the years, from crafting fuzzes and overdrives based on the specific sounds of classic rock albums to recreating the tones of his beloved vintage tube Echoplex and his second-hand script-logo Phase 90, among other things.

*Big Muff Pi is a trademark of Electro-Harmonix

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