Stellartone Introduces the Trio Treble Control Switch

A drop-in replacement that features passive analog circuitry and two different types of treble cut.

Medford, OR (November 26, 2019) -- Stellartone has announced the new Trio treble control switch for basses and guitars. The 2020 Trio expands Stellartone's unique line of premium zero-noise upgrades. A drop-in replacement for the muddy tone pots in basses and guitars, the compact Trio switch creates focus, clarity, and a rich full-range tone, without a brittle edge. Ideal for both live and studio use; reduces fret noise, string squeak and amp hiss.


  • 100 percent passive analog circuitry - no batteries - zero noise!
  • Fast drop-in swap for 3/8" USA guitar & bass tone pots
  • Compatible with all Hi-Z passive pickups
  • 3-way toggle switch selects true bypass (or virtual tone pot), then your warmer treble cut, then your cooler treble cut.
  • Select a pair of contrasting treble cuts (high, standard or low) when connecting the Trio cable: RED wire for high range, CLEAR wire for standard range, or both wires for low EQ range
  • Gold contacts - shielded & grounded assembly - quiet switching

Price / distribution info: Street price $49. Available November 2019 at and; dealer and luthier inquiries invited.

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