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Stone Heavy Sound Introduces the Decade Pedal

A completely passive circuit that changes the frequency response of your pickups.

Los Angeles, CA (September 6, 2019) -- It started with a problem that needed a solution; how to achieve greater diversity of guitar tones without switching instruments on stage. The journey led to the discovery of an electrical “back door” whereby the factors that affect pickup response could be altered in a completely natural way. 1960s mode is like taking winds off the pickup, unleashing chime and sparkle, and works great on cleaning up thick humbuckers. 1970s mode warms up bright pickups like single coils, enhancing woody mid-range tone. The Decade effectively triples the sonic options available on any instrument with passive pickups.


  • Triples the number of tones you can get from one guitar
  • Passive circuit is ideal for the purist
  • Point-to-point wired with beefy discrete components
  • Hand finished, assembled and wired in Los Angeles in numbered limited editions
  • Sold direct online - $299 + shipping

Watch the company's video demo:

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