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StringDog Announces Sonic Hybrid Strings

StringDog Announces Sonic Hybrid Strings

The hybrid gauge offers a nickel wrap over a hexagonal core.

Boston, MA (November 20, 2013) -- The String Dog Company announces its release of Sonic Hybrid 946 electric guitar strings. Its first Hybrid gauge product, Sonics offer a quality nickel wrap over a hexagonal core for strength and durability. The set is balanced providing articulate, bendable highs, with full round lows. As with all of StringDog’s electric strings, Sonics will break in quickly - and stand up to rigorous performing.

StringDog’s President Nathan Ferrarelli stated “Sonics are a response to receiving more and more requests for Hybrid and custom gauge sets. A 10-52 gauge is something we are considering adding to the Sonic product line, as well as the viability of offering custom sets.” Commenting on what is next for the company, he said “There are 2 acoustic lines we would like to release in 2014, and are now researching the market and developing specifications to test different tonal qualities, variations, and materials. Our goal is to offer players quality acoustic strings to go along with our premium electric products.”

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