A new take on the classic offset electric.

Lakewood, FL (November 20, 2017) -- Sublime Guitars’ flagship model, the Tomcat, sees a major upgrade with the new Tomcat Deluxe. With a new production method, upgraded electronics and player friendly price-point, the Tomcat Deluxe is set to Sublime’s best blend of quality and value to date.

The Tomcat Deluxe retains Sublime’s take on the classic offset electric. It’s subtle curves give it a recognizable body shape with features that set it a part from the pack. The Tomcat Deluxe has a solid alder body with a stunning roasted flame maple neck with ebony fretboard. By roasting the neck, it provides better stability and less wood movement. The Tomcat also comes equipped with two Porter designed pickups; an H90 in the neck and a versatile humbucker in the bridge.

The Tomcat Deluxe utilizes Sublime’s new approach to manufacturing and is what really sets the guitar apart. Their new Globally Crafted production, means having the roasted neck, alder body and electronics all sourced from around the world and chosen solely by the quality of their craftsmanship rather than their price-point. By avoiding the single-factory, mass production approach, the Tomcat has a feel and sound unseen in its price range.

The new Tomcat Deluxe is available for pre-order at an MAP of $899. The Tomcat comes in two gloss finishes; Delano Teal and Onyx Black. With its player friendly features, elevated craftsmanship and musician friendly price-point, the Tomcat Deluxe is poised to be the new standard barer for the import electric.

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