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Sunnaudio Releases the Rabbithead RH-1

An integrated preamp and overdrive circuit designed for guitars, basses, and just about any other acoustic/electric instrument.

Belmont, CA (April 18, 2019) -- Sunnaudio has introduced the new all-analog Rabbithead RH-1, a versatile integrative preamp and overdrive that offers multiple tonal features for various instruments. The RH-1 works brilliantly for acoustic guitar with passive or active pickups, electric guitar, bass guitar, electric violin, and just about any other acoustic-electric instrument.

The RH-1 a great tool for gigging musicians or home recording. It fits in a standard Hammond sized space on your pedal board.

Part of the RH-1 is a stand-alone amp-like sounding overdrive that goes from clean with no over driven harmonics - to full overdrive. As you turn up the drive you get more juicy harmonics that can be blended into the clean DI path for more warmth on acoustic and bass guitars.

Both drives A&B can be set independently and switchable between both for different drive settings. Drive B has the option of high gain Rabid mode for that grizzled cranked amp sound.

The 2nd output with optional Speaker Sim provides a really nice tool for direct electric guitar recordings or help a harsh sounding amp. Output 2 is a balanced out and can be run straight to a PA or mixing board.

Based in Belmont, CA, Sunny Wai, lead engineer for Sunnaudio, worked with senior product developer Marc Games to help fill a gap in sound equipment for musicians. The resulting Rabbithead RH-1 is ideal for electric guitarists, acoustic guitar players, bassists, and multi instrumentalists.

The Rabbithead RH-1:

  • Multi instrument Preamp and Overdrive with Volume, Bass, Treble, two simultaneous 1/4” outputs which includes one balanced speaker sim output
  • Two switchable world class overdrives along with our Rabid™ grizzled distortion mode
  • Tone & Focus controls for mid shaping and sub harmonic frequencies
  • Mix Mode + Drive A | B can be mixed or used independently for a variety of tones. The RH-1 can help get rid of unwanted direct pickup sounds from your acoustic instrument but still cut through live
  • Transformer-less, and quiet
  • Speaker sim can still be used when pedal is bypassed
  • 9 volt DC or battery powered

The Rabbithead RH-1 pricing is $479 MSRP.

Watch the company's video demo:

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