Swart Amplifier Co Introduces the Antares Combo

A 22-watt combo packed with both 6L6 and 6V6 tubes.

Wilmington, NC (February 16, 2018) -- – Introducing The Antares, Michael Swart’s latest all tube, point-​to-point, hand-wired twin 6V6/6L6 PP amplifier​. T​he Antares shares the legendary Atomic Space Tone’s attitude while being designed for those who crave a bit more headroom, bottom-end foundation, and bigger verb, while utilizing top mounted controls. Imagine the hallmark Swart 3D holographic, harmonic richness without sounding syrupy or slow, partnered with that Swart transparency and touch sensitivity. Push it harder and you get that amazing breakup.  A first run Antares owner noted, “The bottom end is really rich and hefty but still composed while the cleans are so sweet, clear, and vocal; push hard for that lush breakup.” The circuit features all-tube reverb and tremolo along with tube rectification; no solid state hardness or glare with this beast. Includes 3-Way EQ and high/low inputs to match guitar output.  All pine, finger​-​jointed, hand-made, tilted back baffle. Cabinet comes in a host of tweed & tolex covering options.  1x12 or 2x10 available with Ceramic/​Alnico speaker options.  Made in Wilmington, NC!

Swart Antares Features:

  • ​18-22w ​All Tube Circuit  ~ Twin 6V6 or 6L6 Power
  • ​12AX7(2), 12DW7, 6V6(2), GZ-34 (sub 5Y3/5U4​)
  • ​Cathode Biasing ~ No Adjustments needed
  • ​Tube Reverb w/Spring Tank
  • ​Tube Bias Tremolo for Sweetness/Depth
  • ​3-Way EQ Switch
  • ​High/Low Inputs for PU matching
  • ​Stand-by for Circuit Warm-up
  • ​Hand Wound Output Transformer ~ 8ohm
  • ​2 Button Footswitch
  • ​Custom Tweed/Tolex Covering Options
  • ​1x12 or 2X10 Ceramic/Alnico Options
  • ​16"T x 23"W x 9"D @ 37lbs

$1950 w/Celestion Creamback 75 - Shipping to Swart Amplifier Co Dealers

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