The Duck Tail Delay, Room-Mate Junior Reverb, and Tapster Tremolo join the T-Rex line.

Vejle, Denmark (June 15, 2012) – T-Rex Effects will introduce its three newest pedals to North America at the 2012 Summer NAMM Show: the Duck Tail Delay, Room-Mate Junior Reverb, and Tapster Tremolo.

Duck Tail Delay (Retail: $399 / Street: $299)
The Duck Tail brings ducking – the effect of automatically reducing your delayed signal when your clean signal rises above a certain level – to its line of classic delay pedals. This sophisticated effect can really give your musical expression a lift. In quiet passages, the delay enhances the special atmosphere you want to create. As you start to play harder, the delay recedes to let the notes you’re playing come through pure and uncluttered.

In addition to ducking mode, the Duck Tail Delay gives you 2 non-ducking modes – Classic and Tape. The Tape mode yields the most realistic reproduction of vintage tape loop technology in a modern guitar effect pedal. The pedal also features Tap Tempo functionality, so you can match the tempo of your delay repetitions to the beat of whatever song you’re playing by simply tapping your foot.

Room-Mate Junior Reverb (Retail: $399 / Street: $299)
The Room-Mate Junior takes the best elements from its big brother - the original Room-Mate – and packs them into one incredibly authentic sounding unit. The pedal offers four state-of-the-art sounds algorithms: SPRING, ROOM, HALL and LFO, making the reverb options endless. Use the decay knob to adjust the length of your reverb trail in all four modes. An INPUT GAIN knob means that it’s also possible to use the Room-Mate Junior in an effects loop without overloading the pedal’s input stage.

The built-in spring reverbs of some amps can produce a very trebly sound, as well as noise issues. The Room-Mate Junior ensures you won’t have to deal with unwanted noise and vibrations in a live-setting.

Tapster Tremolo (Retail: $399 / Street: $299)
The TAPSTER pairs the gorgeous, vintage tone and uncluttered functionality of our original Tremster tremolo pedal with the convenience of Tap Tempo, letting you change the tempo of your tremolo pulse dynamically, on the fly. Like a great organist adjusts the rotation speed of his Leslie speaker, you can now shift from a dizzying tremolo shimmer to a funky slow sweep – all without tweaking knobs. Just tap your foot along.

Aside from the Tap Tempo switch, this masterpiece of simplicity features four intuitive controls: Depth, Rate, Volume, and Subdivision. The Subdivision switch lets you choose how your tremolo pulsates to the beat – in quarter notes, eighth notes, or eighth-note triplets.

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