The company uses an ancient metal-working thermal technique that was developed by bellmakers.

Germany (December 28, 2015) -- T- Tune Guitar Parts introduces a new 'Internally Aged' Telecaster Bridge- Plate with absolutely incredible sustain properties!

As a logical follow-up to our new Intonation- Compensated 'Harmonic Bridge Saddles', T-Tune now announces a range of Telecaster Bridge Plates.

The T-Tune Tele Bridge Plates are made from traditional cold rolled steel which is then 'Internally Aged' using an ancient metal-working thermal technique, developed by bellmakers to improve clarity and sustain! This gives the effect of a vintage bridge that has been intensively played for many years!


  • Rounded contours for extra player- comfort (no more sharp edges to injure your hands)
  • Nickel Plating for vintage look

T-Tune Tele Bridge Plates are available in various different versions including:

  • Traditional
  • Cutaway
  • B Type (for Bigsby or B/G Bender)
  • Lowrider
  • Short

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:

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