An advanced, dual-voiced harmonizer that features a wealth of different modes and exotic scales.

Risskov, Denmark (September 29, 2017) -- Quintessence is an advanced, dual-voiced harmonizer featuring TonePrints and a wealth of different modes and exotic scales to play with not to mention a latch/momentary mode footswitch harmonizing for ultimate flexibility.

But what really sets it apart is its MASH footswitch.

The answer is simple: pretty much anything.

Expressive harmony - Endless possibilities

In the default settings, the MASH footswitch allows for organically bending up the harmonized note to the next interval of the determined scale.

But once you open up the free TonePrint editor, you can assign MASH to almost anything:

You can MASH to gently fade away your dry signal, you can MASH to switch between the two different harmony options, you can even MASH to change scales.

The expressive potential of MASH lets Quintessence Harmonizer do pedal steel tones for your honking country outfit, just as well as screaming power metal resolutions of harmony and anything in between.

Quintessence Features

  • Intelligent dual-voiced harmonizer
  • Expressive MASH switch for changing harmonies
  • TonePrint customization
  • Latch or momentary mode

Available: Mid October

Price: $149.99 MAP

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
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