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TC Electronic Introduces the Sentry Noise Gate

The multiband noise gate is built on the same MD3 algorithm as featured in System 6000.

Risskov, Denmark (October 2, 2015) -- TC Electronic announces Sentry Noise Gate, the latest addition to their innovative line of TonePrint pedals.

Only a week has gone by since the release of HyperGravity Compressor, TC Electronic's amazing multiband compressor and with the announcement of Sentry Noise Gate, TC Electronic shows no signs of slowing down.

Like Hypergravity Compressor, this state-of-the-art multiband noise gate is built on the same MD3 algorithm as featured in System 6000, TC Electronic’s definitive studio processing powerhouse. Sentry Noise Gate is sure to cater to every musician's hum and buzz-killing needs.


  • State-of-the-art Multiband Noise Gate
  • Hard-Gate Mode for instant noise removal
  • TonePrint enabled - for a world of signature and customizable gates
  • Compact design
  • True Bypass

Sentry Noise Gate's multiband setting secures the most seamless and organic noise reduction ever heard in a compact stompbox, which makes this hiss-fighting gem applicable across every genre imaginable, instead of just the brutal high-gain spectrum normally associated with this type of effect.

However, Sentry Noise Gate also offers a classic hard-gate mode, perfect for the heavy players out there who demand instant noise removal when they bring their larger than life riffs to a sudden dynamic halt, along with a loop Send/Return for silencing noisy pedals/amps, all without cutting out dynamics or feel. This can even be used for creative sidechaining, so the gate can be in precise sync with other signals.

Last but definitely not least there's TonePrint, which makes for endless gate shaping possibilities via the free editor, and the ability to beam custom-made gates to the pedal via the free TonePrint app. Plus with its compact enclosure and true bypass design for an unaltered reproduction of your original guitar tone, Sentry Noise Gate must be seen as the perfect choice for everybody that wants a perfectly noise free performance!

Available: Early October.
Price: $129.99 US Estimated Price / £95 UK SSP / 129 € EU SSP

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