TC Electronic Releases Steve Vai Toneprint

Steve Vai and TC Electronic have teamed up for a new Toneprint, Ocean Machine.

Risskov, Denmark (June 10, 2013) -- TC Electronic is excited to announce one of the biggest names on the TonePrint artist roster yet – Steve Vai! The creative genius has contributed a TonePrint for Hall Of Fame Reverb entitled Ocean Machine. This TonePrint is available immediately and free of charge through or through the free TonePrint app for iOS and Android phones.

Steve Vai’s signature Ocean Machine reverb is a very natural sounding reverb, with a bit of chorus and Steve's artistically precise parameter and EQ settings. Both introspective and flowing, Ocean Machine truly lives up to its name.

As an added bonus, TC Electronic will be giving away a Hall Of Fame Reverb signed by Steve. Entry is simple and straightforward – just click ‘like’ on the TC Electronic Facebook page. Competition ends July 2nd.

Tore Mogensen, Business Manager for Guitar at TC Electronic adds: “To put it simply: I think it’s totally awesome Steve Vai has done TonePrints. He’s worshipped by guitarists far and wide– plus I’ve been a fan since forever, so meeting him was definitely a perk. Also, I think Ocean Machine turned out great and has a wide range of applications. A must try!”

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