TC Electronic Releases the Pipeline Tap Tremolo

The pedal features a tap tempo-enabled footswitch and TonePrint functionality.

Risskov, Denmark (June 9, 2017) -- The new Pipeline Tap Tremolo is TC Electronic’s eagerly anticipated tremolo pedal and the final piece in their modulation pedal puzzle.

Any Tremolo on Tap

From all the soft sine waves of old school American amp tremolos to the uncompromising Square edges of harder musical genres – Pipeline is brimming with salty surges of sound.

As the name implies, Pipeline Tap Tremolo comes with a tap tempo-enabled footswitch, letting you set the pace in a pinch.

A Pipeline of Possibilities

And instead of just being stuck with presets, you can customize Pipeline to match your style.

The free TonePrint Editor lets you dive into the tremolo waves as deep as you want and access a bountiful treasure trove of tremble.

You can set two individual oscillating curves for a unique and eccentric tremolo sound resembling the “double dip” on a vintage Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe.

And the Custom subdivision mode lets you program up to 4 bars with different rhythmic subdivisions for a patchwork of staccato flood waves.


  • Vintage and Square tremolo shapes
  • Shapeable tremolo curves with TonePrint
  • Tap tempo footswitch
  • Sequence up to 4 bars of customizable rhythmic patterns
  • 6 dBs adjustable volume boost

Available: July 1

Price: $ 129.99 MAP

For more information:
TC Electronic

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