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Ultrasound Amplifiers Releases CP100 Acoustic Amp

Ultrasound Amplifiers Releases CP100 Acoustic Amp

Ultrasound's new two-channel acoustic amp was just released.

Glendale, AZ (July 17, 2013) -- Ultrasound Amplifiers today introduces the Ultrasound CP100 acoustic amplifier. The amp features two channels: one to accommodate a mic or instrument input with separate volume, bass and treble with a second designed to amplify fiddles, mandolins, guitars and any other acoustic instrument. It comes equipped with a single, custom made 8” coaxial speaker, a tweeter, 100 watts of power and built in digital effects. The CP100 offers 100% transparent tone and is now available online and in retailers worldwide.

Besides the MASTER volume, the master section also contains the digital effects controls. The EFFECTS ASSIGN 3 way toggle switch allows the user to assign the effects to or use on both channels simultaneously. The EFFECTS MODE controller is a rotary encoder knob that can select any one of sixteen digital effects and the EFFECTS LEVEL allows the user to select the amount of digital effects the player will want in the mix.

Channel one provides a combo input to accommodate both MIC level (XLR) or instrument 1/4” signals. With bass and treble control knobs, channel one is ideal for simple instrument set ups or vocals.

Channel two is designed with more features to accommodate sensitive instruments or more elaborate signal chains. In addition to the separate bass and treble controls and the dual input for XLR and 1/4” instruments, the CP100 also features a SHAPE on/off to help control the MIDS and a NOTCH FILTER to further the dynamics of your desired tones.

The CP100 back panel supports the entire unit with and effects footswitch input, effects send unbalanced output, effect return 1/4” input, a line out, a direct out, tape/CD input and a tape/CD level control.

MSRP: $799.99 USD

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