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Undertone Audio Introduces the Vari-Cap Cable

Scan through 16 different tones with just one cable.

Los Angeles, CA (April 18, 2016) -- Manufacturer of high-end custom recording consoles, equalizers, and microphone preamps, UnderTone Audio has unveiled the Vari-Cap instrument cable. The Vari-Cap lets musicians explore whole new palettes of tones with their existing guitars and amps with a simple click – the distinction is immediate and dramatic.

After years of frustration trying to match the right cable with a particular guitar and amp combination to really make everything ‘sing’, producer/engineer Eric Valentine and circuit designer Larry Jasper devised a revolutionary solution which allows guitarists to vary the amount of capacitance imparted by the cable, resulting in a MASSIVE influence on the overall tone.

The Vari-Cap essentially liberates a guitarist from just one tone per cable -- a guitarist can now scan through 16 different tones with just one cable. Thought you’d heard every tone your guitar could play? The Vari-Cap breathes new life between guitars and amps and opens up a whole new spectrum of tonal possibilities.


  • High resolution variable capacitance control
  • Convenient and ergonomic user adjustability
  • Range of adjustment from 150 pF to 1650 pF in fifteen 100 pF steps

$99.95 street

Watch the company's video demo:

[vimeo_embed expand=1]

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