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Vahlbruch FX Unveils the Pipeline V2

Vahlbruch FX Unveils the Pipeline V2

A handmade unit that aims to cop classic spring-reverb tones.

Springe, Germany (November 12, 2020) -- The Vahlbruch Pipeline has long been an integral part on many pedalboards around the world thanks to its unique emulation of classic spring reverb sounds.

With the Pipeline v2, Vahlbruch FX is now lifting its well-known reverb pedal to the next level. A decay control extends the sonic performance of the pedal significantly and the innovative, Vahlbruch-original "MagTraB" foot-switch replaces the conventional 3PDT footswitch for many good reasons (see below).

The Pipeline v2 is a handmade reverb unit that delivers the legendary spring reverb sounds of classic tube amps in pedal format. Its unique circuitry combines the advantages of analog and digital audio technology, creating a classic analog and warm sounding reverb pedal with intuitive handling, controllable versatility and superior noise reduction.

In the Pipeline v2 the direct guitar signal does not undergo any digitalization, so it is completely free of latencies and unfavorable frequency influences. Also the signal processing before and after the reverb generation is 100% analog. Only the reverb simulation is realized digitally and later added to the parallel running analog signal.

The sonic possibilities of the pedal are presented by a switch described with "Springs". In its positions (S)hort, (M)edium and (L)ong the number and length of the simulated reverb coil springs varies. The "Decay" control, newly integrated in the v2 version, allows the (L)ong reverb duration to be adjusted to individual sound preferences up to rich ambience sounds.

The "Tone" switch affects the timbre of the reverb signal in three stages - (N)neutral, (B)right and (D)ark) - so that analogue warm to high-level crisp reverb sounds can be set as desired. The original guitar signal remains completely unaffected.

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Vahlbruch Magnetic Transducer Button Technologie (MagTraB)

Like all Vahlbruch pedals of the present generation, the Pipeline v2 is equipped with the company's own MagTraB foot switch, in the head of which a magnet is integrated, whose respective position is detected by a sensor inside the pedal. If the switch is moved, e.g. when it is pushed down, the sensor measures the alteration and transmits it via a micro-controller to a gold-plated relay that triggers the switching process.

The advantages of the MagTraBs:

  • MagTraB pushbuttons are virtually indestructible and guarantee an almost infinite number of switching cycles.
  • No more annoying, mechanical switch clicking. Instead, switching is very smooth and almost noiseless.

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