A faithful recreation of the classic 808 circuit right down to the JRC4558D chip.

Plymouth, UK (April 9, 2019) -- Vein-Tap.com is proud to announce Saint Blues, a brand new overdrive pedal. Small yet powerful, in a tiny, sleek blue box, Saint Blues takes every drop of sonic mojo from the classic TS808 Tube Screamer, and squeezes it into a pedal that belongs (and can easily fit) on every pedalboard.

Saint Blues is perfect for all kinds of gain sounds; turning a pristine clean amp tone into a full, throaty blues roar; pushing a high-gain tone with the overdrive control set low; or adding a little extra mojo to a mid-driven amp. The characteristic mid-boost sound of the original, vintage TS808 is replicated perfectly, allowing users to get expensive tones for a surprisingly low price. Dedication to replicating the TS808 is key here, and Saint Blues uses the exact same circuit – and, though not as important to the tone of a vintage Tube Screamer as many people would have you believe, the original “holy grail” JRC4558D chip is installed in every Saint Blues pedal.


  • Full 808 overdrive circuitry identical to a vintage TS808 Tube Screamer
  • Powered by a genuine "holy grail" JRC4558D IC chip
  • Incredibly versatile as an overdrive and as a boost pedal
  • True Bypass keeps your bypassed signal clean
  • Backed by Vein-Tap.com's full Lifetime Guarantee

Every Saint Blues 808 Overdrive is built by hand in Devon, England, alongside all other Vein-Tap.com pedals.

Priced at £59.95.

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:

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