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VHT Announces the Private Reserve '50s Pickups

The triple single-coil set is carefully voiced to deliver vintage tone at an affordable price.

Hayward, CA (July 18, 2012) – Hayward, CA — Made with the world’s finest vintage-correct materials, wound with modern precision, and carefully voiced to deliver incomparable clarity, detail, balance and dynamic nuance, the affordably priced VHT Private Reserve 50’s pickups achieve the highest standards for quality and tone — and set a new standard for value.

Carefully handcrafted using period-correct wire and magnets, VHT Private Reserve 50’s pickups faithfully recreate the materials, construction, and tone of the finest 50’s-era vintage pickups.

The SSS3 triple single-coil set features high-quality vintage-staggered alnico 5 magnets, period-correct 42 AWG Elektrisola heavy-build Formar-coated wire, black vulcanized fiberboard bobbins, and cloth-covered hookup wire.

The reverse-wound, reverse-polarity (RW/RP) middle pickup provides a humbucking function when combined with the neck or bridge pickups.

Volume-balanced calibrated DC resistance specs:
Neck = 5.7k ohms
Middle = 6.1k ohms
Bridge = 6.7k ohms.

Our VHT Private Reserve 50's pickups are shipping now, with a $99.99 street price.

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