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Top 10 First Looks of 2022

Sure, perennial big hitters like Gibson, Fender, PRS, and MXR dazzled with fresh offerings, but one surprising stunner earned the most clicks.

10. Warm Audio Centavo & Warmdrive

John Bohlinger

The vintage-style gear specialists dive into the legacy of two classic drive pedals.

9. Supro Amulet

John Bohlinger

Power attenuation plus all-tube tremolo and reverb make this a killer club amp at a nice price.

8. MXR Poly Blue Octave

John Bohlinger

Pitch shifting, deep modulation, and monster fuzz make this single box a multi-headed tone mutator.

7. Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollowbody

John Bohlinger

Trestle-block bracing and new, refined FT-5E Filter'Tron pickups make a classic shape punchy, powerful, and more feedback resistant.

6. Magnatone Starlite

John Bohlinger

Maggie’s 5-watt mighty mite bursts with black-panel and tweed-Champ style sounds.

5. MXR Duke of Tone

John Bohlinger

An impressive taste of what lurks in the King’s chambers for players on a budget.

4. Fender Kingfish Telecaster Deluxe

Premier Guitar

The Mississippi blues maestro’s signature instrument is a potent and dazzling evolution of an underrated Tele’.

3. Gibson Theodore

John Bohlinger

Ted McCarty's archives reveal a long-lost treasure.

2. PRS SE Silver Sky John Mayer

John Bohlinger

An affordable version of John Mayer’s signature solidbody sacrifices little in the way of tone and quality, and sells for well under a grand.

1. Yamaha Revstar Standard RSS02T

John Bohlinger

A chambered body makes Yamaha's latest café racer-inspired electric a truly lightweight machine.