Vox Amps Releases the Valvetronix VT20+ Classic

The VT20+ Classic features 99 presets and 25 effects.

Anaheim, CA (January 24, 2015) -- Combining advanced technology with its classic look, Vox introduces the Valvetronix VT20+ Classic, the latest modeling guitar amplifier in the Valvetronix evolution. Though small in size, the VT20+ Classic delivers a sonic punch that exceeds the expectations of its power rating. For a limited time only, the VT20+ is now available in the classic VOX aesthetic, complete with the traditional diamond grill.

“The VT20+ is packed with great sounds and continues to be a top contender amongst digital modeling amps,” stated John Stippell, Product Manager for VOX. “Thanks to this limited edition adding the classic VOX aesthetic, the VT20+ has the great looks to match its superior tone,” added Stippell.

Using a 12XA7 vacuum tube for true-tube tone, the VT20+ Classic features 99 expertly voiced pre-sets; 25 in-demand top quality effects (including 11 pedal-type effects, 11 modulation and 3 reverb), 8 user programs for saving favorite settings; gain, volume and master controls; a built-in guitar tuner; a unique power level control that can limit the power amp output wattage, creating distinct power amp distortion at any listening level, and headphone output voiced to emulate a speaker cabinet. In addition, an optional VOX VFS5 footswitch can be used to change programs to turn effects on and off, and set the tap tempo function.

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